We all need a boost from time to time!

You will find images and text to uplift your day!  FEEL FREE TO SCREEN SHOT ANYTHING HERE TO KEEP OR PASS ON 👍 Check here often for that little something extra you need to keep the faith! REMEMBER YOU ARE BECOMING WHO YOU ALREADY ARE IN CHRIST JESUS! ❤️💁


Living to bless His name daily in word and deed!


Father may we always place our confidence in the fact that you love us and cover us no matter what is going on around us!

Let us daily stay in worship uplifting our Father God, our Daddy God who is the light and salvation of our lives! We will not fear though war breaks out around us, we will be confident in the love of God which daily covers us! We will not magnify the problems or circumstances, WE WILL MAGNIFY OUR GOD IN THANKSGIVING, IN WORSHIP AND IN PRAISE! He will be exalted and not the circumstances, that is the temptation we must resist to never give into fear or doubt because our God is on the throne! 

God is weaving a beautiful tapestry of our lives and the dark threads are just as necessary as the light threads to give dimension and depth to the beautiful story of our lives!

Living from love, not for love!

 Our value and worth come only from our Father God who loves us and gave His only son for us, we do not need to go looking for love elsewhere all we need is found in our Father’s heart toward us! Take quiet time with the Father today, sit and reflect on His goodness and His love toward you! ❤️

Practice kindness daily it can be powerful!

Jesus says “ The Father is looking for those who will worship in Spirit and Truth”

Jesus never came to start a “RELIGION”in fact he admonished the “religious” leaders of His day most harshly.  Jesus came to open up through His atonement a RELATIONSHIP with Father God.  Only the Son can reconnect our hearts back to the heart of Father God! We are created to be children of God.  We came through our parents but we originally come from God our Father.

Religion Teaches nothing about God being a Father. The “religions” of the world use fear of punishment to control behavior,  it is only outward change.  Jesus said “If you love me you will obey”  When we admit our wrongs, are sorrowful and ask for forgiveness accepting Jesus sacrifice as the only means for our atonement then we are truly born from above and as Jesus said “born of the spirit” .  We receive a new heart and a new spirit, now we are changed from the inside with a new desire to obey God out of love and gratefulness for the cross of Christ.

When we are reconnected to the heart of Father God we can start our journey of becoming those who “Worship Him in Sprit and Truth”.  If we are not careful,  we as Christ followers can make a “religion” out of Christianity and cause the word of God to become void as Jesus taught over our many “traditions of man”.  Today ask God to reveal to you your true state.  Are you trying to religiously earn your way to heaven by being good enough, or have you made a religion out of Christianity, following the rules, keeping God in your Sunday box and checking off church attendance as fulfilling your obligation to God? Living your own way during the week? Does God seem far away?

Look at the cross and allow the eyes of your heart to be flooded with light to see the Kindness and Goodness of God at the cross.  Ask God to reveal your wrongs and to forgive you and give you a new heart to do His will, not by your own power and might, but by His Spirit working in you and through you as you become one who worships in spirit and truth.  

Look at God with new eyes and see Him as your Father who will care for you and cover you! You are no longer an orphan! Abba “Daddy God” cares for you and wants to be at the center of your life directing you in every area by His Spirit and His word!  The Bible tells us that God is a Spirit and the Father of Spirits.  His word is our guide and His Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth! You are on your way to becoming who you already are in Christ Jesus!!!!! 

Thank you Father, it is your kindness and goodness that leads us to repentance to turn from sin, selfish living and loving the world to loving you first and seeking your kingdom and your righteousness! You are full of mercy and forgiveness! We love you!

May you rule and reign in our hearts dear Jesus!

Be a woman of valor!

Free to be me!

Jesus Our Intercessor

I love the fact that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us,  the Bride of Christ whom He is returning for and that we be without spot and wrinkle! That is part of our high calling in Christ Jesus also to pray and intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters! What an amazing privilege! 
I want each of us to beware of the enemy who the word tells us is before the Lord accusing day and night and  who is the accuser of the brethren.  When we judge, fault find or are critical of others in the body of Christ we are putting ourselves in league with the enemy.  Yes believers can be carnal, yes they can sin even against us and be offensive but are we perfect? Would we want mercy and someone to pray and intercede on our behalf if we did the same? 
The Bible says love believes the best and so should we pray and intercede that we are each becoming who we already are in Christ Jesus and will have a righteousness consciousness to know that sin is not who we are and to pray and intercede for ourself and others as Jesus is doing now! 
We can come into agreement with Jesus and come out of agreement with the accuser! The accuser points and condemns people as they are in the now, but Jesus sees them as they can be and are becoming so should we, I believe this is the love of the Father we need to walk in, and what victory we would see!!!

The one who has been forgiven much loves much!


Become like a child to enter the Kingdom!

Jesus said that unless we become like a child we cannot enter into His Kingdom.  Think of the pure joy children experience when they laugh over the silliest things.   Adults laugh an average of 3 times daily whereas children laugh an average of 150 times a day! Purpose to laugh more! 

His thoughts and ways are higher than ours!

Transform your thoughts and Transform your life!

Mountain climbers know that at a certain altitude snakes can no longer survive and therefore they are safe from snake bites. We too can elevate our thoughts as we transform our thinking with God’s word to no longer allow toxic thoughts to poison our minds and lives.  As Jesus told us in order to be His disciples we should remain in His word and then we would know the truth and the truth would set us free.  Today decide to grow wings and fly high on the truth of God’s word in every situation and like the butterfly you will ascend past the snake line.   Fact: The snake line is 9500 ft., however some butterflies such as Monarch Butterflies are known to fly as high as 11,000 ft. , way above the snake line!


He makes everything beautiful in His time!

He is making something beautiful out of our lives!

Thank you Father even the ashes of our lives become a diadem of beauty when we turn them over to you! You are making us into trees of righteousness planted firm and strong in you! 

Stay in the Joy lane!!!

Keeping it real!!!

The real you is who God created you to be!

You are gifted and you are talented.  You are a one of a kind created to glorify God as you do what only you can do in the way that only you can do it! There is nobody else quite like you, that means you are a rare and precious child of God! 

Laughter is a gift from God!

The Joy of the Lord is your strength!

Take Joy in the God of your salvation! Don’t focus on everything that can go wrong, instead start thanking God for everything that can go right! 

Behold what manner of love that we should be called the children of God!

Abba our Daddy God!

Remember we are not orphans trying to make it in the world on our own.  We have a Father God who is our protector, our healer and our provider! 

The Science of singing!

There is healing power in singing God’s word!